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Mandy Guérin, hair artist, colors expert and a partner for your magical moments.

Know who you are, to better guide and advise yourself.



The secret to making a success for each of your passages here, lies in the technique diagnostic of the expert.


To bring you the best of what is being done, Mandy is constantly learning and training. The many business trips, and the many acquaintances between France and Turkey, have led her to learn from each culture, each environment and perfect each style to offer you excellence.


Mandy listens to you, she advises you and she understands you to offer you the tailor-made treatment that suits you.


At the edge of the Bosphorus and the heart of the vibrant city of Istanbul, come and enjoy a coffee where you will be welcomed by the expert Mandy, in a peaceful, cozy and friendly vibe with a Frenchie atmosphere.


Mandy obtained her hairdressing diploma specializing in visagiste and colourist in Paris, and was the manager of a large franchise in the luxury sector. She then opened her own salon in France.


A happy romantic encounter took her to Turkey, to Istanbul. After directing and participating in fashion week shows in Istanbul, she quickly stood out and was spotted as an expert in high hairstyles


Broken under the stress of major events, she managed to turn her passion into an art, a real asset in guiding each client and achieving perfection.