World leader in the professional nail products sector, O.P.I is an American brand – born in 1981 – whose reputation for excellence and great creativity are well established. Recognized for the high technicality and quality of its products, the brand emphasizes safety and innovation. It offers exceptional long-lasting formulas, rich in pigments, trendy colors. In short, high-performance and resistant varnishes that make professional quality accessible to consumers.

Flagship product of the brand, its nail polish is acclaimed by professionals and women. Thanks to its long-lasting formula, it does not flake or wear off over time. On application, it glides on effortlessly then dries quickly, giving an ultra-lacquer finish. Finally, O.P.I nail polishes are available in a multitude of colors, from the wisest to the brightest, including the great timeless classics and the trendiest shades. Color in all its expressions is the brand’s signature. And when competing brands offer their nail polishes in around fifty colors, O.P.I offers more than two hundred. Finally, because at O.P.I we also have a sense of humor, the nail polishes do not have simple numbers but names that are as irresistible as they are amusing.